Easy, simple, efficient and integrated services for industrial maintenance processes from recording the ticket to the payment (Ticket-to-Pay).
The Future of Maintenance.
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Due to the largely manual handling, industrial maintenance processes nowadays suffer from a lack of clarity and an excessive need for coordination.
Our services increase efficiency in maintenance by establishing a continuous digital integration of all companies, actions and IT systems involved.
Maintenance processes will thus be executed faster and more smoothly, reducing the share of non-value-creating work by half.
Jump startable
CALATENA can start with only little master data and even without standard service catalogs; both can be added later to increase efficiency.
You can combine different modules into an individual solution:
Adaptable Workflows Integration into SAP® Interface to Drawing Archives EDI Connection to Contractors
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Standard Service Catalogs Assets & Locations Benchmarks and Statistics
About Us
We are an innovative software provider combining the knowledge around maintenance of several software- and consulting-companies.
Our goal is to reduce the complexity of maintenance-processes for the user. This means, on the one hand, to enable a seamless interaction of all IT systems and companies taking part and, on the other hand, to deploy a far-reaching intelligence to our services.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to @.
These are our partners:
We use EDIGURUS's simple tools for inter-company processes with larger companies (via EDI) and with smaller companies (via intelligent PDF).
We are partner of General Electric, because our services can be installed in the Predix cloud.
The competence of OrgaTech in the field of in-house processes and maintenance is one of the bases for our pragmatic solutions.
We are partner of SAP® due to the close integration of our service with the SAP® Cloud Platform.