Easy, simple, efficient and integrated services for industrial maintenance processes from recording the ticket to the payment (Ticket-to-Pay).
The Future of Maintenance.
Cloud SAP® Coordination Mobile Devices
Due to the largely manual handling, industrial maintenance processes nowadays suffer from a lack of clarity and an excessive need for coordination.
Our services increase efficiency in maintenance by establishing a continuous digital integration of all companies, actions and IT systems involved.
Maintenance processes will thus be executed faster and more smoothly, reducing the share of non-value-creating work by half.
Wanna jump right in?
CALATENA can start with only little master data and even without standard service catalogs; both can be added later to increase efficiency.
You can combine different modules into an individual solution:
Adaptable Workflows Integration into SAP® Interface to Drawing Archives EDI Connection to Contractors
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Standard Service Catalogs Assets & Locations Benchmarks and Statistics
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