About Us
We are an innovative software provider combining the knowledge around maintenance of several software- and consulting-companies.
Our goal is to reduce the complexity of maintenance-processes for the user. This means, on the one hand, to enable a seamless interaction of all IT systems and companies taking part and, on the other hand, to deploy a far-reaching intelligence to our services.
These are our partners:
We are partner of SAP® due to the close integration of our service with the SAP® Cloud Platform.
We are partner of General Electric, because our services can be installed in the Predix cloud.
The competence of OrgaTech in the field of in-house processes and maintenance is one of the bases for our pragmatic solutions.
We use EDIGURUS's simple tools for inter-company processes with larger companies (via EDI) and with smaller companies (via intelligent PDF).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
German Office
+49 231 39995 100
U.S. Office
+1 (comming soon)