About Us
We are an innovative software provider that combines the maintenance knowledge of several software and consulting companies.
Our goal is to reduce the complexity of maintenance processes for the user. That is, we enable seamless interaction of all IT systems and companies taking part and deploy far-reaching intelligence to our services.
These are our partners:
Our service is closely integrated with the SAP® Cloud Platform.
Our service can be installed in the Predix Cloud and is readily available to GE customers.
The competence of OrgaTech in the field of in-house processes and maintenance is one of the bases for our pragmatic solutions.
We use EDIGURUS's simple tools for inter-company processes with larger companies (via EDI) and with smaller companies (via intelligent PDF).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
German Office
+49 231 39995 100
U.S. Office
+1 585 435 3206